Updates and Social Media - It's Still All About Real People Interacting

We have been on a bit of a summer hiatus on this page, while contemplating possible changes to the blog for the future.  I recently had the privilege of speaking at the @Midwest social media and business conference in Bloomington, Illinois, on the topic of social media and the law.  My presentation was very well received, but beyond that, I have been blessed to meet and get to know many great and down-to-earth people who really know social media.  The fact is that for all the technological bells and whistles, social media is still merely a fancy, convenient way for real people to interact.  It's all about the people.  The lessons and ethical implications of that reality for how social media should be (and should not be) used are huge, and at the same time are perhaps as simple as the Golden Rule.

With regard to the law, the legal issues of social media are perhaps as broad as the law itself, and the ramifications of that are very much still evolving and developing.  There are some excellent legal blogs written by attorneys from all over the U.S. with significant experience in the legal implications of social media within a particular area of the law, such as employment law, privacy law, labor law, intellectual property, trade secrets, etc.  Just over the last few weeks since @Midwest, I have retweeted several excellent posts by other lawyers on these topics, which can be found on my Twitter feed.  

Thank you to all who have taken the time to read this page.  As I consider possible changes or improvements to the blog for the future, please feel free to send me any suggestions or requests for topics you would like to see addressed in the future.

Nate Hinch is an attorney and partner at the law firm of Mueller, Reece & Hinch, LLC.  He has offices at 404 N. Hershey Road, Suite C, Bloomington, IL 61704, and 809 Detweiller Drive, Peoria, IL 61615, and can be reached by phone at (309) 827-4055 and email at nhinch@mrh-law.com.

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