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Just in Time for the Holidays, another Court Ruling About Snow Liability!

Last winter I wrote about the First District Appellate court decision in  Murphy Hylton v. Lieberman Management Services, Inc. Here is that previous post.  After that decision, one of the parties petitioned the Illinois Supreme Court to hear the case, and the court granted the petition.  In the spirit of the season, the Illinois Supreme Court last week issued its decision, affirming the First District ruling.

My previous post went through the case and potential liability and immunity under the Snow and Ice Removal Act; I will not repeat that all here.  But essentially, the ruling (at both courts) finds that the Act, which provides immunity and limits liability for negligent removal of naturally accumulated snow and ice, does NOT apply to limit liability for negligently creating an unnatural condition that causes ice to accumulate.  In this case, the plaintiff alleged that a faulty downspout installation caused the ice accumulation.  The Court is distinguishing between liability f…