Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lead Paint RRP Rule - EPA Grants More Time for Remodelers to Get Certified

The US EPA has announced that it will not take enforcement action against home repair and remodeling contractor firms for failure to get certified until after October 1, 2010.  EPA will not enforce individual worker certifications so long as the individual has applied for a certification program by September 30, 2010, and completes the training by December 31, 2010.  In granting this extension, EPA noted concerns raised about the limited availability of qualified certification firms.  This decision allows contractors more time to find a qualified certification firm and complete the training.

NOTE:  The substantive requirements of the Lead Paint "Renovate, Repair, Paint" (RRP) rule remain in effect and subject to compliance enforcement (such as the requirement to give the homeowner EPA's RRP pamphlet "Renovate Right," and to follow lead safe work practices, described here).

Thanks to the National Association of Home Builders for their efforts in working with EPA to help remodeling contractors get this much needed extension of time to get certified.  NAHB has issued a press release on the topic here, and has helpfully provided a link to the full EPA memorandum here.

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