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Illinois New Minimum Wage Law - Business Owners, Be Aware!

Update - just the day after I posted this, on 2/19/19, the governor signed this bill into law. Much has been written on both sides as to the pros and cons of the new $15 minimum wage and how it is phased in under the  Illinois Senate Bill 1 , which is currently pending signature by the governor and will soon be law. I’m not writing this post to chime in one way or the other about that. The reason for this post is to alert business owners about other provisions of the bill that have been less publicized but are very important. The current Illinois Minimum Wage Act  is codified at 820 ILCS 105. Section 7 of the Act now expressly authorizes the State to randomly audit employers for compliance. Section 10 authorizes the Department of Labor  to make emergency rules under the Administrative Procedures Act to implement the new law as appropriate for enforcement. Section 11 of the Act already provided for potential criminal charges against an employer (or business owner or o