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Wills and Probate - As the Client, Your Choice of Attorney is ALWAYS Up to You and Your Executor!

I recently met with some new clients (a married couple aged 60-70) to review their estate plan.  They had met with another attorney who prepared wills for them within the past year.  As we went over their estate planning goals and their previous wills, the first thing we discovered is that the wills they had prepared did not provide the bequest and specific gift terms they were looking for, and which they thought had been written into their wills. The second thing that stood out was a paragraph like this that the clients did not realize had been written into their wills (I'm paraphrasing): "Joe and Jane Testators have retained Larry Lawyer to prepare their wills, and they want Ed Executor and their family to continue to retain Larry Lawyer to handle probate of their estates." Now don't get me wrong, obviously when I help clients with estate planning, I certainly hope to be able to continue to help their families with probate and other legal issues that arise whe