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Update on EPA's New Lead Paint Rules for Remodeling Contractors

EPA's new renovation, repair, or painting (RRP) rules for remodeling contractors went into effect on April 22nd.   I wrote about this new rule on this page previously .  The Chicago Tribune ran an article over the weekend about the new rule and compliance issues.  The article does a good job at summarizing the issue - only about 200 out of 1,000 companies doing remodeling work in Illinois were RRP certified two days before the rule took effect, according to the EPA.   In the past months I have had the opportunity to discuss this rule with several chapters of the Home Builders Association of Illinois .  These groups have been very proactive in getting the word out to member contractors and scheduling training classes to help contractors get certified and comply with the new rule.  Also, the Illinois Department of Public Health's Lead Program has led a series of informational meetings around the State to inform contractors and answer questions about the rule.  I had the opp