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McLean County Property Tax Assesssments Are Out - 9/24 Deadline to Appeal

The new property tax assessments were published in The Pantagraph (Bloomington, IL newspaper) the other day (see the paper or the county website to check your specific township). Every year we get calls, particularly in January and when the new tax bills go out in the spring, about this. Assessments can ONLY be challenged within 30 days of public notice, so the deadline to appeal this assessment is September 24 (see the website below for more on specific rules for that deadline and what must be done)! Please share this and let others know, anyone whose tax bill/assessment is out of whack has a very short time window to appeal (even if you don't get anything in the mail, printing this in the paper is legally all the notice they have to give you). If you wait until the actual bill comes out, that is too late!! Any questions you can either call my office or your lawyer, or see the  McLean County Assessor  page for more information.   Nate Hinch is an attorney and partner at the